Redefining the
Banqueting Experience

From the house of GRID comes a premium banquet, The Almond, built to bring a luxurious new change to the banqueting scene of the city.

It is located in Salt Lake Sector V, the corporate and banqueting hub. Spread across 30,000 sq. ft., this pillar-less banquet is thoughtfully designed for grand celebrations.


Experience The Almond.

The Almond is built with an idea to bring about a change in the hospitality sector. A unique name with a great recall value, ‘Almond’ signifies richness and has a certain auspicious value. It stands for positivity and luxury. The name does not define any segment of the society, which sets it apart from the rest.

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MAKERS OF THE GRIDPioneers in the Microbrewery Industry

Karnani FnB Specialities LLP was founded by Gaurav and Ritika Karnani in 2015. The company was launched with the aim to bring a change in the F&B scenario of Kolkata. Their flagship project, The GRID was the first gastro-brew pub in the city.

CALCUTTA'S FIRST CRAFT BEERLaunching Calcutta's Finest Craft

Amidst the pandemic, Karnani F&B Specialties LLP launched another flagship venture  – CALDERA – Calcutta’s Finest Craft. Inspired by Calcutta’s relaxed, chill-paced lifestyle, CALDERA is a craft, brewed as an ode to its people. The hoppy, light craft is available in three variants. 

Rebecca Merriweather

Co Owner And Business Manager
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Make your event unforgettable at The Almond.

The big fat Indian wedding includes not just the wedding but many other functions like engagement, mehendi, haldi, cocktail parties and reception and The Almond is your ideal venue for hosting your dream wedding.
Corporate Events
Looking for a venue to make a lasting impression in the business fraternity? With state-of-the-art amenities, The Almond is an ideal venue for AGM's, conferences, workshops or any other meetings.
Social Events
Anniversaries, Birthday's, Get-Togethers or any other kind of social events - The Almond is the perfect one stop venue with in-house catering to throw that extravagant party to celebrate for your near and dear ones.
The Almond